My Spiritual Incline "Free2Be"

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VerSaTiLe Affirmation

DeSerVing WomBman QuietWhisper Enigmatically Feminine

I am a “Deserving WomBman”

I am the “TOWER” of Strength

My Devotion is my “FIRE”

“Patience” is my dearest “Virtue”

I am that “Womanism” with all adorable ways of “Esteem”

My Intelligence is Essence

Loyalty is my Royalty

 I am that DESERVING WOMBMAN. Keep your Amour of Love on at all times. Never leave it behind.

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From “Tha” Top

The blame game never cease. When you take a moment to really eval and re-eval yourself, theirs so much to learn from. Everything from you is the continuation mark, not the beginning mark. I hear so often, you dislike who you with, however, is it really that person or is it really you that you don’t like? All you have and all that you need is within you. How can you expect for someone to get to know you, love you or connect with you when you haven’t done the work for on yourself and be welcoming. It’s not anyone responsibility to heal your wounds, when you haven’t done the work for YOU. What is wrong with being alone for a while? When you can’t stand to be in the company of yourself, why prey your misery upon anyone else? Own your pain, because it’s apart of you forever. Embrace your low moments and high moments. Remove the chip off your shoulder and pick yourself up and INTUNE with yourself. When everything falls, self still hold it down. So why not love everything about you. Challenge yourself. Talk to you. cry with you. share a movie with you. journal your journey with you, and so much more with you. Heal your scars from your mental. Rest your heart from troubles, and plant your love in places you admire. You are the building of your life and the destroyer of your life. People only mimic what you do to yourself, so why are you mad? Why are you so angry? Why are you blaming and not gaining? You eat healthy, but your attitude stinks. You have a degree, so what? what are you doing to give back to your community? You have richness, and you still ain’t happy. What’s your problem? The blame game never cease, from “tha” Top“.

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G.L & G.L

Genuine Love and Great Love is the core of everything…present is everything. Beyond what the eyes can see or imagine, consuming every moment feeling the sparks from vibrations of tenderness, appreciation and affection. Ignite from the fire and desire that only leads back to you, to me, to us. Genuine Love & Great Love is another form of human love., your your, my love. Universal Love.

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“You are growing”

“Don’t hate your Ex-perience. It’s apart of your journey. Write your story with everything you GOT!!!! You are growing”

I give many thanks and appreciation chosen for this journey. There is nothing to give and share without experiences. Brokenness built new parts of my life making me better and stronger. Hope and believing were master changes in my life. Changes happens unapologetically. I turned my tears into laughter. It was meant to be. It was going to happen.  I surrendered the fight within. I chose to keep moving. Became further away from a troubled heart, and closer to a healing heart. Once I changed, everything around me changed. Still growing.

The scars remains, but the pain is not. When I have a bump in the road, I stop, take a seat, and face that turmoil. I revisit it as often as I need to and until it’s gone. I create a storm within the storm. I stopped ignoring the pop up and began facing it (indescribable). Even through the midst of things I continue to grow. Had to learn, not every phase in your life need to be shared. It’s your place. Your private place More importantly, growing never cease. I am often reminded throughout my day “You are growing”. One of my greatest affirmation. Always rest in giving it your best, and know you are always growing. You flow. You glow.

~Your Ex is anything or anyone. Situation or circumstance(s).~

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When I close my eyes

When I close my eyes she imagine he outside her window. Another room he sits daydreaming of her on the other side of his window. With passion; loving the beautiful presence of essence of each other beings.

When I close my eyes, her thoughts smiles. He’s gentle and incredibly caring. As they both watch each other through there window, eyes of protection and sweetness glares and stares.

When I close my eyes, they glance, smiling and a burst of laughter.

When I close my eyes, they drift off asleep to look forward to someday being together and looking out one window in the same room and direction of each other.

When I close my eyes its she and he. They are meant to be.

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All is given…

“The Source”

“My Creator of my Creation is my source. I don’t need permission to be directly connected when all was given to me.”

When you know what you know, you flow and you grow. We have our own instructions and directions, follow your way, and not others way. When it’s not rocking with you, then it’s a sign, you are going in the opposite direction of your travels. When things don’t seem right, pause, and sometime, put the breaks on it, and listen to your intuitive vibrations.

Earth is endless beauti, nurturing, caring, always giving and sharing. Always impregnated to birth a new. Earth is grounded. Fire is always ready to ignite that burn and yearn internally and externally. Air is a substance that’s indecisive, can’t contained. You can’t see it. It’s not visible like the other three elements. As a whole, it exists because we exist. Water, steady, emotional, powerful. Water is so soothing, without water how could we survive, or anything of existence lives. All four elements operate and function endlessly, and uniquely. They are very powerful in there own elements, positive and negative. Services to the entire galaxy, universe of creation. It’s magnificent. All that I need is all that was given to me. Truly grateful to be apart of all four great sources of “Energies”. Enclosing, Our designed is crafted just that way….Head…Right side…Left side…Feet…Enjoy your journey.

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” “

Self says… “This is your space, I’m just here to help you organize a few things”

Always love who you are. And if you need a few adjustments, it’s ok. Love YOUR process.