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Failure is not an OPTION

Where ever you are in life, your current status does make you. It has no place. You were created in PERFECTION, flawless. Time is still ticking, theirs time. Stop soaking and get up! shake it off. Failure is not an OPTION!

You have so much that this world needs to see, feel, taste, touch, and  hear from YOU. Your awesome energy is needed,  so stop tripping over nothing. GET UP!!! work on LOVING yourself. Failure is not an OPTION!

Start what you finish. Failure is not an OPTION!

Speak LIFE not DEATH! Failure is not an OPTION!

STOP allowing negativity to surface around your place of peace. Open the door and windows, and with ALLLLLLL your might, throw it far in the non existence, and say “FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION”!

Smile, smile, smile because “Failure is not an Option”

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Head up!

Life is too BEAUTEOUS to walk with your head down. Head up!

Your smile to much needed, so stop shying away and the the sky kiss your smile. Head up!

You are human, made to make mistakes in life. But that’s the beauti of it all, you can leave it behind you. Head up!

You stand tall, solid, with such vigor, love, passion, EXCITEMENT. Love on it! Head up!

You are constantly growing, developing, and becoming more into who you are suppose to be. Head up!

Head up, when I look into your eyes to say ” You are made perfect. Now walk it! own it! Head up!

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What is commitment to you?

Commitment is another factor of life

Commitment is another way to enhance relationships

Commitment is LOVE

Commitment is the desire to fulfill oneself

Commitment is thinking about your partner, significant other, wants and needs unselfishly

Commitment is working to overcome barriers to communication

Commitment is hanging in there during the difficulties, and not given up

Commitment is YOU always

What is commitment to you ?