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When we profess to love UNCONDITIONALLY, why is it that that love is often built on the condition that we receive the love (or at least the acknowledgement of it) in return?

Author: quietwhisper

About me~A powerful woman one who feels deeply and loves like a scorching fire. The tears no one see flows like a river, full of strength just as abundantly; just as the way I laugh with such a glow. About me~Its the GURU in me that makes me not fearful to be in fear for a moment when I'm afraid. About me~Elegant and courageous. Consume compliments to heart and pamper myself like the Nubian Queen that I am in soft music or just reading a book or just writing. About me~Equally keen, missive, visionary and decisive. I stand firm on hope when things seem to be a hopeless, however there are many times I fall weak. About me~ Practice what she teaches first and foremost to SELF continually. Able to elevate my spiritual incline Free2Be. About me~A lady living in her essence. Unyielding woman.

2 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. I personally think that people do it out of habit. I know that I struggle with this a lot because my #1 goal in life is to protect self. We want to make sure that what we GIVE we’re receiving too….We want t make sure we don’t look dumb giving ourselves while they give parts of who they are….but I guess instead of looking at it that way we can love without conditions and naturally your spouse will do the same because after all relationships/marriage is NOT for you it’s for the other person!..and if BOTH ppl felt that way the results are limitless


    • Habits can be of good and not so good. In learning the many phases of life and self it comes with many levels of growing, changing, shifting,sacrifices, hurt and pain. Regardless how others see you, never replace substitutes of things, people, what have you in the place of yourself. When we are making sure we are receiving to gain, we are taking away. Be yourself. Love the way you know how, and not be concerned about receiving, because I’ve not yet STOP receiving many blessings in return. If the other person struggles with who you are, then know, it’s not you that they struggle with, it’s themselves. You can always learn from all aspects of relationships. Again, don’t stop growing. New growth is ready up root, so don’t allow SELF to harm that growth,just keep growing. Always guard and protect your heart, just don’t suffocate it! Seek balance in everything you do. Life is Living~~~


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