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How To Open Your Third Eye ;)

This is truly incredible. The pineal gland is the most powerful gland that many don’t know about. I’ve been in touch with my third eye since I can remember as a child. I am going to exercise it a bit more. I enjoy my chakra tea’s and powerful studies. We have everything we need, just exploring without the fear factors is just a hurdle. Awake the pineal gland. You will be excited that you did. POWERFUL!!!!

I'm Loving It


Okay so here’s a perfect way! It WILL work, If you do it right, but I don’t want anyone to just try this if they haven’t done there research! I’m serious -.- the last thing you want to do is regret ever opening it in the first place… The third eye is psychic, you can see the things that you weren’t able to see before, such as entities in the 4D, yes I’m telling the truth lol, once you open your third eye you’ll start to see some freaky shit, well not freaky, actually normal it’s just the fact that it’s the everyday people you see that makes it unusual, you have to realize that there’ really is more then meets the eye, and that there are other beings in the 4D here on Earth right now. So any ways I look at the third eye as a wonderful way…

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Law Of Attraction

This is so true. I was listening to Law of Attraction series on YouTube,and it was truly a blessing. We have that connection to other energies in the universe. All we have to do is top hitting the snooze button, and wake up. Those energies are there for us.We have the power to be whatever we sole desire. Just that simple happened with the honey. Can you imagine the expansion of our thoughts can be!This is so AWESOME! I had to share!!!! Law Of Attraction is the way of the world, the galaxy, and the universe. Thanks for sharing. Energy is a POWERFUL FORCE.I welcome it! I need it!!!!!

I'm Loving It


Things are manifesting for me faster then ever. Since the world is shifting now IS the time to ask for whatever you want and expect it to come to you gradually!

I swear for example; yesterday I was sitting on my bed, I decided to make some tea, and told myself, “Ugh, I want more honey (I already had some but it was running out),” so before I even made the tea my sister came back home. She pulled out some ranch wheat thins… And guess what, she then said “Oh yeah here you go, I got you some honey” I asked her ‘why’ and she said “I just wanted too”

Lol, keep in mind I only asked her for Wheat Thins, because I bought her something before, so I was surprised that she did that; out of everything why honey? Especially when I really needed it, I didn’t even…

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Energy Love

The Words Flo

black love nude

Straight up is when he comes to you as a man to his woman, with his heart on his sleeve telling you how he’s feeling.  Not running game, he’s just being real and using his words to communicate; is not something new; but he can speak, open up his mouth be straight up with it. Whether it’s love or he just wants to kick it, get a quick feel or enter into something deeper.

Have enough respect to consider my feelings instead of lying and cheating, harboring side chicks whom he’s deceiving. Telling her what he told you just moments ago. Straight up is when the man is no longer a boy, but he’s grown, and knows a queen when he see’s her. And with only honesty, admiration and much respect will he approach you, fully aware of the unsurmountable cost of your worth – how your body is not…

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Gain to Gain NEVER Lose to Lose or Gain to lose


No! No! Listen!!! Never tell yourself you lost something .No, you gain to gain, never gain to lose!
Have you ever notice in you DIS EASE you find Ease? Have you ever notice, the things we know best are not of a challenge, we just do? However, the things we are unsure of, we need to grow, stretch, learn, and evolve more around. Our learning capabilities are in the crawling stages before we can walk. dis ease Learn something new.  If you are right handed, start doing things with your left hand. Build strength in what you don’t use often. It will teach you and structure you to balance things out. If you are a talkative person, learn not to be so talkative, just be silent (practice). If you are self centered, remove yourself out of self and allow someone else be noticeable you. Are a giver? Okay, step back and adjust in being a receiver. If you are insecure, work on self, and stop pointing the finger at someone else insecurities. Unsecure your ways for the betterment. If you are odd, then move to the even. If you are more of an introvert, then work on being more of an extrovert. Utilize both sides not disable the other. The Creator made day and night.

Do you or do you not make the best of day and night? If you are surrounded by sadness, then seek happiness. If you are around people whose always speaking something negative, then remove yourself from it and begin to seek out the positive people. If you gossip a lot, then stop gossiping. Everything in life comes with lessons and lessons learned. We can’t take everything with us, but for sure you can say you gain something from it, and begin to move past it. Yesterday is not of any use to us anymore, why? We have a new day to make a difference, adjust to change, and grow. We gained another day for many of us. As for others they’ve transitioned on to another phase of life, however, it’s gaining, never losing. So remember, you always Gain to Gain, never lose to lose or gain to lose. I still believe opposites do attract what about you?

Love always love. If you decide not to love you will fall .Love yourself FIRST! You can’t  lose.



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SwoosH!!! (Spoken word)

sunset ocean  

I don’t know what’s up! I have all these mix feelings about whom? I don’t know. It’s crazy right now! I feel my body brushing up against the ocean waves. The waves are struggling against my feelings; their it goes again, my emotions, Hmm! Now it’s taking a hold of my spirit, my body and my soul. The quietness speaks to the waves as I go further into the deadly sea. It pushes me away, but I still walk and realize that I’m not moving.Then suddenly, I brace myself and maintain my balance as I now find myself laying down in the sand. Feeling the waves teasing and pleasing me back! I can feel you need me! Feel like I’m loosing my mind, lost for words. Suddenly, the waves got me SPEECHLESS. All I can say is YES with a moans! sigh…. Slowly taking it’s time now, whom?. I feel the waves calmness over me now! I speak to the calming waves “Where U’ve been to whom that might be?” I waited for you all day! Waited for you to use the key to enter into my TREASURE ISALND? I decided not to wait any longer, so I used your key that would lead me to your “SPACE”. Going out of my head, driving me crazy to be in your WORLD”

The waves embraced me, keeping me warm, HOT! This burning flame inside of me. The waves held me! Kissed me! Teased my love spot. Again! SPEECHLESS! I can’t imagine anyone but you! I try to picture what U would look like, but you… SWOOSH! Against my body, from my feet to chest. I want to touch you back, please you, make you scream, again SWOOSH! As the waves stroke my soft, I reach my inclined levels of pleasure. Before I began to release, I stop! The waves became calm. I can’t move, my body is paralyzed from head to toe, I’m speechless! I don’t know if I should cry, scream, laugh, or not think at all? I’m  silent. My mind, body, spirit and soul were exhausted. Drifting into a deep sleep, the waves protected me until the sunset began to rise up behind the scenes of the reflection of my imagination as it appears in the deep clouds.
swooshSuddenly, a young man awakens me! He smiled at me. I ask, “Why are you smiling at me?” He said, “You are sensual, free, so beautiful last night,enjoying nature’s at it’s best. Did I mention the kiss wasn’t long enough. I replied, “Where did you see and feel that from?” He replied,“Believe in what you feel  see, taste, hear, smell, and show. It will always guide you”. The young man was very attractive and built very well. As I got up speaking to him just glancing away for a second, he was gone into the thin breeze as it brushed up against my face, through my hair, watching the breeze undress the sand from around my feet, my ankles. I started to think about it, but instead I said “Naaaaannnn”! As I walked away a whispering voice from the waves replied, “until next time VeroNique~~~ SwoosH!!!

I smiled! I replied in my mind “Dangerously in Love”

whitebeutiThe end



Love Me some Me!!!! Blest!


.pic20133 603 veezyvee 063

“I love Me some Me!” Don’t forget to tell yourself “I Love Me some ME” It’s okay when he walked out~~it’s okay she  walked out~~ just walk back in:)… you know the space he or she occupied? clean it up and make it about you (rejoice). Remember, it’s your space again. Let it be a lesson learned, grow to incline, not to decline. Become a better selector of who you allow to occupy your time, your space, your love and your energy. Remember you gave yourself and they gave it back. Uust say “Thank you.” Say it softly or loudly as you can “I Love Me some Me. They walked out, and I walked  right back on in. I will never walk out on ME. I will never leave Me.”   make sure to tell yourself “I Love Me some Me”. Tweet! lol….


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A Daughter(s) Shattered Heart

FatherlessThis piece is dedicated to the daughter(s). There is an epidemic on the rise on young ladies walking around broken, confuse, angry, no answers as to why this pain in ones heart just won’t go away? Let me be the first to say, from my views on this, it’s of importance being involve in your daughter(s) life. I love my dad so very much although he’s no longer here (RIP) but he wasn’t around enough like I needed him to be. I can remember having a talk with him way before his passing. It was very difficult for me but I was angry at him for leaving me. I blamed him for all the bad decisions I made with boys to men. I’ve never talked about this until now. After that talk, we didn’t speak to each other for a year. I was broken, hurt, felt abandoned. For once I thought he would reach out to me, apologize to me, but he didn’t. For once I thought it mattered enough that I gotten his attention, but it didn’t. For once I wanted to be rescued, but I wasn’t. It was my duty to tell him how I felt regardless of the consequences. My dad knew it was out of love and nothing else. I believe deep down inside of him, he finally realize how much I was really hurt by his absence. At that point,I knew he really cared. I had to find peace and forgiveness. I am now free and happy, now. I understood his love language to me, and right then I forgave my father.

It’s crucial to a daughter to have that connection with her earthly father. Your daughter(s) love is not to be toyed with and taken for granted, although many of our young ladies, even older ladies still suffer from that missing piece. Although life goes on, you move on, it’s a desire to have a beautiful love, a God fearing man by there side. Often time bad decisions are made by allowing coward men into our lives, to give so much of ourselves, trying to make it work for the sake of LOVE, but still at a lost. Not for all but for many, get caught up in loving the abuser, and less loving SELF. Learn to love SELF no matter what!!!!

For all the fathers out there, play closely attention to your daughter(s). Young ladies are growing up being bitter and sad, not understanding why them? Stop lying to your daughter(s). Stop making commitments and not following through. Stop the dropping in or when it’s convenient for you. Stop putting other women before her needs. Spend quality time with her. Shower her with flowers, cards, compliments, a lunch date, dinner date, conversations about everything that she need to know and more. Be attentive in her conversations, concerns, just wanting to know, whatever that may be.

For all the absent dads out there, when you walked out you walked out of her too, leaving her unprotected. She walks around with that branded on her heart string, wishing, hoping, and praying that one day it will go away. Hoping and praying that one day her father will walk back into her life and rescue her from all the things she is afraid of. They are tired of having to be tough although they are as gentle as a breeze. What ever happened to “Protecting” her? How can you say you love another woman, treat her like a queen, when in fact you don’t love your own daughter, a reflection of yourself first? They don’t want another pair of shoes, another phone, another phone call of promises. And “NO” their love can’t be bought… they need quality time, they need you, their father.

For all the single mothers that’s trying to make it happen~~~ keep striving~~ keep loving~~ although it may go unappreciated, keep loving. It’s a fact if it’s missing in your life, you should know it’s for sure missing in hers. The anger, the tears of a shattered heart is not from your absent of you as a mother and a father figure, it’s the absent of the first man in hers. Many fathers never get the chance to know who their daughter(s) are, nor does it matter to them the importance. Regardless of that, it remains a missing-piece in her life. My father was no saint, nor was he perfect, but I strongly believe it would have made a tremendous difference in my life if we spent more quality time together. In my eyes my father was the greatest dad ever and still is. I will always defend him no matter what! For the fathers out there, please love on your daughter(s)… please. It brings tears to my eyes to see the hurt and pain they carry. It’s not fair, not deserving to deal with such horrible pain such as that. Girls turning to girls, abuse, drugs, prostitution, simply seeking most importantly, so pure, so innocent… LOVE to be LOVE in the absence of her father’s touch. Seeking to fill the void of emptiness. This may not be a factor in everyone lives but I know I am hitting a few hearts today. It takes a shattered heart to relate to another shattered heart huh!!! In the beginning of the day, the mid day, and the end of a day, know you are forever LOVED. God chose you to bare this cross, not to suppress it but to share it, give, and bless it. Let it not be in Vain.

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“Dorcas” a Lady of my Heart

Updated photos 2013 152

Acts 9:36 describes her as Tabitha that translated Dorcas. This woman reminds me so much of myself. Every time I read her story my spirit is fed. Dorcas was a woman full of greatness and bountiful deeds that she had a passion for. Theirs not a moment in her day she did not take such joy and contentment in helping others. People knew of her throughout her journey. Everyone knew she had a compassionate, discernment, ingenious mind, humble spirit and heart about things. Often Dorcas discovered that she had been given so much to others where at the end of her days theirs was no one really to give back to her. At times Dorcas desired to have someone she could lean on from time to time, she would pray for that. Through it all she would always smile through her loneliness.

It is so easy for me to write about Dorcas because it’s like her spirit was passed on to me before I was conceived and born. Moving on, unlike myself from a child until now I have always suffered from illnesses. At times I could feel death creeping on me, but the lord would say to me “child it is not your time to go yet, you have work to finish.” The same with Dorcas, she was sick and she died. She passed out. Everything in her, the fight, and the will to keep pressing was no more. Dorcas family, friends, others that knew of her came together and began to speak on how well she made a difference in their lives. How she always smiled and made people laugh. She always knew what to say to make everything alright. She had a funny sense of humor, so full of life.

Friends, family, and others that didn’t know of Dorcas all felt the pain of losing someone with a great love over them. Dorcas gave invigoration, but when it came to herself she did not have that same feeling, that drive, the desire to push herself like she pushed others. Dorcas was laid down on a table of some sort, people were in deep sadness and tears. People smiled, thinking back to the intimate times they shared. Nevertheless, always remember, God does not forget our hard work in anything we do. Dorcas had a labor of divine love, companionate, a treasure of caring, offering, and sacrificing for others even when she went without.

Peter was sent to be an observer witness to how God showed his love for all the hard work Dorcas given out. Peter shows up; he pardoned everyone to leave out. God worked his restoring spirit through Peter. Peter whispered a word “Dorcas awake.” There comes a time when you have to turn off everything around you, that cleave itself to you, meaning a friend, your spouse, your children, your job, outside functions, and other things that pulls from of you. You have to make it priority to go before the Creator to replenish you, renew you, and water your garden.

We have to get to a point to tell others “I am not free today”. If not you will begin for perish away, just as Dorcas did, just as many of us walk around each day empty, not living to our fullest potential. Empty, running on nothing. We have to Awake and release from depression, arise from sickness, Arise from people saying what you can or cannot do. Awake from your pity parties. Awake from negativity. Evil forces come in shapes, forms and sizes. Speak that into yourself. You got the words of love, the truth in your hard works and the light, in your spirit of goodness and praise, Awake. Say it repeatedly until you have it and it flows daily throughout your day.

Dorcas was exhausted, burnt out from al her works and daily grind. I know it’s hard out there trying to provide for your family, unemployed, being turned down for jobs. Being the encourager for others, feeding the less fortunate, among other things. Know God is there, never fear, doubt, become weary, discouraged, depressed, coping with the spirit of anxiety, the spirits of suicidal thoughts, children out of reach, families turn their backs on you, bill collectors keep calling, whatever the case may be, The Creator is there to bring you through, others through it all, me through it. Make a difference in today because that is all we have, tomorrow may ever come for you or me to witness it, so for now go for it, say it, “Awake” I did, so can you, not a question but a well known fact!

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Powerful Woman


A Powerful Woman

Is one who feels deeply and loves like a scorching fire
The tears flow like a river, full of strength just as abundantly as her the way she laughs with such a glow
It’s the GURU in her that makes her not fearful to be in fear for a moment is afraid. Always ready for the fight

A powerful woman
Is both elegant and powerful
She consumes compliments to heart and pamper herself
Like the Nubian Queen that she is

A powerful woman
Is equipped equally keen, missive, visionary and decisive? She stands very strong on hope when things seem to be a hopeless cause is able to hope when things look hopeless. She is both a woman of practice what she teaches first and foremost SELF and she is able to elevate on the spiritual incline

A powerful woman
Is her essence
Is Gods gift for the entire world to see

To a woman who represents what it is to be one in power “Woman”