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ManWomBman (the same) Functions are just Different


 Women~~~we need to become wise in raising our little girls in the way the lord will have us to do. Teach our little girls to be smart and wise. Men and Women argue so much in this day and time no one is listening. So many women are now in competition with men.In some case’s women are not teaching their little girls to be wise. We have become more focus on teaching our girls just to be smart, get a degree and compete with men. Their being programmed not to need nor depend on a man. They are being taught they can have without a man. I support the idea of teaching our girls to ladies the way and part of life, but let us not forget to teach the functions of being a lady and the importance of a man function and role to us. Teach them that being smart and wise have to be sustained with balance. Do you know the things that are being taught are your BASICS; your pain, bitterness and selfishness? And yes, to be lonely. That’s not fair to our young ladies on the rise to becoming GREAT women for the kingdom. What you have experienced is not their fault, so be careful not to teach them in your ways.

God said “Adam it is not good to be alone.” I will make you a help meet,” Not create someone to race you, compete with you, or make better than you.
Adam, the Man, Headship, King, Warrior
Eve, the woman, a help meet, wise, smart, virtuous, queen, walks with Adam

Every woman have been called to help man, if not a significant other, by all means a man in your life, a friend, a brother, father, uncle, grandfather, a person you may not even know. It is called upon a wise woman to do the will of Gods work.
We have this saying “We don’t need a man, but man need us?” Correction, we need each other.

Keep in mind Adam was here chilling. He had no idea to be without a woman because it was not place in his life. Adam had no problems with nature owns. There was not completion. Adam was the RULER. In every man lives Adam. The great powers men have are beyond this world. Adam had no issues with communicating what he wanted, needed and desired. When the Creator decided Adam should not be alone it was very strange and new to Adam. He was a stranger to another human being called woman. What separates man and woman is the WOMB. Today man and woman are still strangers to one another. Adam and Eve were just the same. It was so much for Adam to try and maintain his business life into Eve’s emotional life. It was rather difficult for Eve to have patience with Adam business mindset as well not being emotionally attentive to. The lack of communication was the destruction upon the earthly first family man (Adam) and woman (Eve). Adam left that door open to allow outside forces to come into his home. Eve was not fully equipped in handling her emotions like Adam was built so well in the home and away from home. So of course she was drawn to the fact she was getting the emotional attention Adam did not give to her. Today, families are being destroyed in the same manner. Women~~~ we are to teach pattern ways of the good and not so good. We are to protect our men just the same as they are required to protect us (FIRST). When we leave the door cracked it leave room for outsiders. Other women will take over your household and your partner. Men are to teach us and we are to teach them.

So you see men and women need each other. The man has his role(s) outside his function to care for his family to death. Women, need to be nurtured and protected no matter how much we try to deny that. The man is built to protect, however, women, learn your roll (functions). Know your place and seal your mouth piece and shut down the attitude and allow the man to do what he need to do. Men, just like you can hustle and get what you need as the provider, you are responsible to be there, meaning, physically, emotionally, and spiritually for your woman. We as women need that so much. Without the proper nourishment we will perish. For all the single women out there, you are strong. NEVER sell yourself. Take this time to get yourself in a peaceful place. Don’t be used and don’t use anyone else. 


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Man make the Title, not the TITLE make the Man

hard work

To name a few good men with great potential in the business world, in which our men upholds:

Mail carrier                   Construction workers                       Bus drivers                        Warehouse Men           Cab drivers                     Truck drivers        Correctional officers            Groundsmen        Sanitation         Fire Fighters        Servants                    Ex-offenders               Computer Technicians          Mentors          Single Father Parenting


Brothers need women who can help him with financial stability and the willingness to support his growth. By the time men reach thirty-five  for some are more likely ready to settle down. Ready to take life with a more serious outlook, including being humble and patient with women, that woman. Women on the other hand the same things will apply, however we may be a bit ahead of of men in settling down sooner than they are, in some cases, not all. Just my thoughts.

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Love is God the Creator
Love is forgiving
Love covers your brother and sister
Love kills selfishness
Love cares for others
Love is when people get on your nerves and  still you love them
Love is empowering your faith (FAITH LOVE)
Love is more than fleshly, it’s SPIRITUALLY

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Tha “Woo N tha Man”

the Woo

Brotha always thinking
1) Women~ you are working too hard to find a man. That’s the problem STOP looking!
2) Women~ you sometimes can’t keep a man because of your own arrogant and self center ways.
3) Women~ keep your legs and MOUTH close, and I do mean both of them.
4) Women~ you want a good man.? Had a good man but either you tried to change him into something you wanted. Ran him away or maybe it was not the man you designed for yourself.
5) Women~ men are not the problem in some cases…YOU are! Check yourself.
6) Women~ men need work and sometimes lots of it. If you are not willing to work with him then please let  him be.
7) Women~ stop trying to dress up and change a man the way it will suit your wants. If you really want to help start within.Build a friendship. Build trust then maybe other things will work out? if not consider it as BLEST!
8) Women~ you are alone because men have there own damn issues to deal with. It’s your spirit that turn most men off. It’s not so much the outside all the time. When a man see you sometimes you run them away because they  didn’t come to you for sex, so now They are really MESSED UP!
9) Women~ by our fathers choice we need to be alone.Seek the CREATOR first. 
10) Women~ together it’s our responsibility to take care of our men. To my brothers locked up you have not been forgotten, SHOUT OUTS TO MY BROTHERS.

11) Women~ you have to take partly the blame the way some of our men are today, meaning,they are spoiled to the extent of making them lazy; of course they play a part too. However, if they feel they don’t need to work, then they will not work. Yes, love your man, things do get rough for our men but if you can’t push him then please leave him alone. The lord said to the men “by the sweat of his brow”. Ladies, I have spoken about this before and now again, please let that man free from your bondage. Speak love in him. Help build his character up. Stop tearing him down by pacifying him into not being the man God have called him to be. You constantly take from him, let him go. Release the chains of confinement and laziness from his spirit. Get him back in the game of life and working towards his passion and purpose in life or LEAVE HIM ALONE!

12) Women~STOP saying you love him when you don’t even LOVE yourself! STOP IT! Many of you are the ONE… the TRIGGER HAPPY one and Killing off our GREAT MEN before they are KINGS! YEA I SAID IT!
13) Women~ we leave nothing for the imagination anymore. It’s wonderful to look sexy… we love attention, but damn don’t over do it! Some men to prefer that you keep some things covered up. Whatever happen to leaving some things for the imagination?
14) Women~ our little girls still have a chance; to all the mothers and aunties stop exposing our little girls to unclean behaviors and things. Allow our little girls stay young and enjoy their childhood. Our little girls are being born and in a few years they are having sex, making babies, doing drugs, prostitution, dropping out of school, damn, should I say more? We wonder how these young girls know how to take your so call man? Because of  what they are being taught and seeing from you. Sick but true. Just because your life was disturbing don’t pass it down to your little girls life. Allow them to enjoy being a child.Don’t be selfish and take that away from them.
15) Women~ stop chasing after men; you are out of place. Stop being anxious for a man.
16) Women~ let that men come after you, love you, serve and work for you; spoil you, flip it, that’s the way it should be sometimes. Stop being desperate.
17) Women~ if a man is interested in you you will know. Stop being an easy lay, just stop it completely. Allow him to put in work.You are worth more than money can buy.  What are your intentions? What are your motives? How many more heartbreaks you will put yourself through before you get it? STOP setting yourself up. Become that man friend before lovers. You will feel better about YOU.
18) Women~ I know sometimes it becomes challenging,desiring a relationship, even a companion. It will come if you allow it too in time and not yours.

19) Women~ men are not DOGS.They are misunderstood by the way we see them. Begin to see past the physical.Men hurt too! It’s part of our duties to help that man. In every man there are great qualities. God did not make junk.
20) Women~ stop comparing men to other men. They have their own identities. Don’t you dislike when they compare you?  Respect that.
21) Women~ stop using men to get what you want ! get it yourself!
22)Women~ it’s okay if men cry. Maybe you think seeing a man cry mean he’s weak? It shows strength. It’s the human nature in a man. Jesus cried and it did not show he was less of a man, or weakness. It showed it was human.
23)Women~ before you start trying to get the hook up, begin working on YOURSELF and the hook up with the Creator.
24) Women~ stop assuming all men want sex. Men stop assuming women want sex. It’s called N-2-Me-C. That’s what women need. That’s what  we need from you. Just that SIMPLE!
25) It’s said a way through a man heart is through his belly and sex? Yes if you’re into YOURSELF and small thinking that’s the answer. The way to a man is  through the Creator. Time, patience, caring, submission is a beginning of knowing man’s heart, but always first and foremost knowing these things about YOU! Don’t be fool, men like sex.They like to eat too!  Try connecting to him spiritually for starters?
26) They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend? For some, but not all. We need to spend more time grooming our patience, love, caring, faithfulness, compassion for SELF. We need to feel we are priority. Get to know who we really are. I don’t believe that’s a lot to ask for. It’s much WORK to invest in ONESELF.

By now there are many women regret what I mentioned this. I have to self check myself in many ways than one on a daily basis. I am able to seek out many things I dislike and like about myself. It takes  hard work, praying, fasting, reading the word, reading other literature to enhance upon in improving myself, but it’s all worth fighting for myself. I am determining to make things different for myself. Been at many cross roads and somehow I knew there were women out there just like me. We have to learn and be taught  how to reach inward for self before reaching outward for others to save us from ourselves. The creator have already equipped us with all that we need to  do that. It’s not fair to press men in relationships when they are not ready. Men will never be the solution to r wants and needs alone. Wants and needs are totally different; they both work well together when you discover the balance. Detox from the old things. Explore change and  never settle for anything. Learn to cope with being alone. Practice turning off the noise around your daily life, for example, your phone, the radio, the television, and your associations with the outside world. On your way to your nine to five, kill the noise around you. Focus! Learn how to work around distractions and still be able to connect with the inner peace. Stop wrestling with yourself. It’s not God who you are wrestling with or man, it’s YOU.

 Many times the time is not taken to discover the true intimacy of self. For myself, being alone become easy for me growing up. Doing many things in silence, noise, distractions, changes and interruptions. The violence, sexual abuse, rejection from kids and family, just turmoil’s surrounded my young life. The creator taught me at a very young age how to entertain myself and cope with many things.Many things I’ve had to revisit. Many things I have not yet discovered about myself,  yet I am learning. There were days I needed noise, but I always knew as long as I had pen and paper I was not alone. Today, I continue to face challenges, obstacles, sadness, temptations, goodness, joy, accomplishments. Yes I fail many times before the day is out. I know without my father I am nothing. Failure is not an option.

We are all attached to positive and negative emotions. It comes with growth, learning, training, stretching, understanding and to bring that closeness my out creator, God. Being exposed around different types of lifestyles I would capture in on how so many women complain and bitch about how their man is not this or that, but still it goes right back into the same situation SELF without change. Tough love hurts, but healing comes right after it. I believe in placing myself, issues, storms out on the front line first. Being a vessel and true to myself. Some are taken by it, while the others remain in denial of SELF. It happens to all of us. Some things are not meant to be shared and discuss with others, whereas other things in the presence of God can be. If you don’t want certain things out there keep your mouth shut, because you will be talked about. Just be ready and prepared for anything that may come your way. don’t hate. Remember you said it, so now people will say what they want to say, deal with it. People can’t speak on something they don’t know; you are the source of what stays in and what comes out. 
Before judging I ask to check yourself first.  Face it we all have issues. Your issue is no less or greater than the other person. Remember to check yourself before you decide to go to work on someone else.

Men in some case are use to getting what they want, and not so much of what they need. Women, you are not by yourself.  Every woman including myself have been through some type of trauma in your life journey. Every man gets to a point in life where they get tired of playing the field. Women get bored of being alone and being taken for granted. In reality everyone done have had there fun time. Many are still playing. Do yo thang ,just play it safe. Life experiences come with hurt and pain.