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Talk about “Critical”~~~Whew!

always thinking critically critical ah ha  critical working critical

Critical folks…whew!

Critical folks can become defensive and over the top in their behavior. It’s not that serious. I have to say I enjoy learning. I enjoy debates in conversations. Keep in mind everyone are dealing and coping with things differently than you the next person. We only have solutions to our own problems and not others. I believe everyone gravitates towards each other life experience in a good way and bad way. When others questioned things like yourself it’s, not  an attack on your wisdom or your intelligence.  Over critical can stem from their childhood. Parents being overly critical can be the cause of this man or woman being the way they are today.  Then you have friends, teachers that were very stern in there disposition. This type of behavior can be exhausting at some point.  Critical abuse comes from ways of mistreatment internally and externally, meaning spiritually, physically, verbally and emotionally. Relationships are constantly being destroyed from harsh criticism. The person character and personality is always on trial, rather than the behavior behind the abuser. When a person decides to do something wrong they tend to lash out there imperfection on another person. So instead of taking accountability for your own choices you need a fall person that you can put blame on. Critical folks grow up looking at situations and others thinking something about them need to be fixed or repaired. It’s alright to not always have things in a strict and structural order.

Overly critical folks will often look for flaws in others rather than looking at themselves first. Where does the root of this stem from?  their childhood. It’s an over time of sadness, isolation, not saying very much, suppression, deep pression and resentment brewing and coming into existence often. Not many critical folks can have a general conversation and not feel like someone has a motive or feeling like their intelligence are being attacked. It’s very challenging for them to agree with another person. It’s more like belittling your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and opinion. Growing up they would always hear of the things they did not do right. They would hear let downs instead of praises. Everything is questioned as to why it wasn’t done a certain way? Overtime it can become a mental breakdown. Obsessive and overly critical thinkers feel like there shouldn’t be no room for excuses, even errors with themselves and with others. They beat themselves up in their minds. Self inflicted of abuse there. Their behaviors can begin to control you. Critical thinkers can be manipulative bullies. They enjoy the feel it gives them to dominant under the radar, but why?  1) To feel inferior. 2) To feel not challenged.  3) They’re experts at what they do. At least that’s what they tell themselves.

When they become bored with the norm they have a tendency to switch up and search for new challenges. They are attractive to others that are able to challenge them. Someone that can take them to the edge of their bordeism and bring some excitement to them. Someone that can find reasoning and understanding to their behaviors, their madness, even the mind games they play. Not afraid to tell them their ass holes and can tell them how awesome they are too.

Critical people don’t like to bend without reason. Their attitude is one way. They will stand on their own principles about everything. Unlike others critical thinkers have a balance to enjoy the flexibility and show relaxation in there critical thoughts. Over the top critical thinkers can find if rather difficult to have gentle and compassionate thoughts. However, being harsh is the way or the highway. Not all things will be compromised. Standing their grounds will remain intact.

Critical folks display  at times having to be tough but deep down inside they are the most sensitive people on this earth. Behind the scenes they are having temper tantrums, crying, making a fuss because of their own attitudes. Critical people always hunt for problems in others and excuse there problems as if they have everything together and in order. Not true. They become very harsh to themselves and abusive and uncaring to their own well being. Criticism folks suffered from the lack of love to more bashing to no love, cold, and heartless.  If they are not in control they feel they’re are headed for destruction. Critical minded people have trust issues.

For example of their behavior: If they packed a lunch for work but rushed out and left it on the counter, they will beat the hell out of themselves because they forgot their lunch. It’s not looked at as being a mistake, but not being very smart. They will not let it go until they’ve punished themselves enough. It’s nearly impossible to live with them. Socially challenging and having a relationship with the can be discouraging.

critical mind

Critical thinkers sit back and study and analyze everything and everyone. They are great philosophers, perfectionist, knowledgeable, well spoken, excellent writers, superb thinkers, just awesome! The flip side can be harsh in their words. Sensitive and emotional to many things but not everything. They don’t know how to relax.

The attachment of love became detached somewhere. It’s a blessing to be engaged with your critical thinking. With many of us it’s one of our strongest areas. It’s in our nature to questioned things at a higher degree. When it becomes overly and obsessively it can be very harmful and detrimental.  I speak for myself here when I say I am a thinker by nature. I know sometimes I can over think on matters. When it gets to the point to where it’s taking me out of my element then it’s too much, and I need to self check myself and tone it down. I enjoy the debates of the minds. I find it to be fulfilling to the soul, spirit, mind and body. Balance comes with everything we do in life. Critical is healthy and secured. Overly and obsessively is unhealthy and unsecured.

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I love being a Woman

I use to always wonder how we as women connect to our Creator? Each planet is impregnated with a seed(s). The energy is always here before us. The Sun God that represents both female and male. I see how women including myself are the carriers of our babies. Oval shaped like the full moon. We ‘Ovulate’ every 28 days. Our bellies are oval as the baby grows.The baby is in a Oval position that’s called the fetal position. Take a closer look at this picture. We as women are the representation of our Creator. I agree that everything was made and created in the image of our Creator. Women look at the gift that was given to us. We are truly appreciated through all the suffering we have to take on. We are given love like no other.  I love being a woman.

mother earth

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mother heaven earth   I  am a woman,  a mother, your sister, and one a wife. I am your neighbor filled with food from my garden. I come to share some of my wisdom and knowledge to you. This is not from a book, a theory but for  who I am, a woman first and secondly, my garden (life). I am the Omega woman. It’s proof from my Creator. When the Creator created everything it was made in the image of SheHe. Everything on earth had to have come from the wound in order to nurtured, produced and birth.  Apple trees, lemon trees, rose tress, farms filled with vegetables, life from the wound, mother earth. The mother is the carrier. She’s the dirt where seeds are planted to  grow. Understand how plain it is to accept true nature for itself.  We have life and death. We have light and dark.  We have WooomBman and Man. We have the left side of the body and the right side of the body. You have good and evil moreso we can’t live in one without the other.

Our Creator gave us everything we need to live a happy and fulfilling life. The woman alone stood alone for decades. I read and re read about Adam and Eve so much to the point everyone have lost where the root and founder of Adam. How did Adam come to be without the woman first, who gave him life? I am not writing to display control however the order here. How did this young man come to be without knowing his carrier? Or did he know?  My realization, my truth.  No book, no logic, and no revision of the fact I was born to this earth by a woman, as a woman can be questioned or disputed. Their were no mistake about it. A tree produce apples, not cherries. It doesn’t take logic, the falsehood of science of man to try to convince me no other way to know apples produce apples and cherries produce cherries. Time repeats itself everyday; in the same order.

 Woman  are the designated carriers of the universe, I’m not speaking about feelings just yet. I don’t need to prove nor debate this, it’s simple. It’s real. It’s true. If you look at me you will see a woman. You will see all the features of this woman. I carry the masculine gene however I am a woman. Yes, I am a carrier, still a woman. It doesn’t matter the lifestyle we all choose to live we are what the Creator decided us to be. I love nature. why? I am apart of nature. Nature loves me and you too. It guides my way in this walk as a woman. I was created from the source and carrier of nature, so how can I not love who I am?  I drift off into the wild life to study, learn and be taught the simple life they live. They were designed either female or male. They know how to survive. They live to do exactly in what is scripted in their nature and nothing outside of that. The wildlife haunts and kill to survive and feed their families. The second thing in their nature is to attack, kill or be kill protecting outsiders that may raise danger to their bloodline. Nature takes in and give out. They are the hunter and they know one day the haunted. Just as the human form, they are given the many blessings and glorious things to enjoy of this world. The woman is the source of creation handed down from our Creator of all things.

Today woman are handed less to no appreciation of mankind. The constant struggles we as women are faced like no other goes unappreciated so often. Women emotion and feelings are not only attacked but slain. We are built to on strength and  are built from our weakness in this human form. Mankind has forgotten about the true essence of a woman. Women were and still remain the rulers before man existed.  We never lack for anything.  We strived upward in our element. We love nurturing. How could we be without that if our emotions and feelings aren’t apart of us? I don’t know how it would be without that. Our heaven meaning love box was well kept and sacred. We knew how special the little things about ourselves were to remain guarded and protected. Things have changed over a course of decades how and now women use their body and brilliant minds to gain power. It should never have to get to a point where you have to shame of who you are as royalty, the queen that you are. The legacy of your essence, your heritage, your nubian ancestors took high self esteem in all areas. Many of our queens had to denounce other queens for cursing womanhood. Women had their own battles going on too.


Women are the source for everything. We are the soils of the earth. If you look around there you will find mother earth always working. Always  producing. Always  carrying. Always growing. Always  pregnant.  Always giving birthing and giving life. Our Creator always give back by nurturing  the mother of every form. Motherhood continue to bare fruit of all kinds.  Mother’s of all the planets. Mother’s of air.  Mother’s of fire.  Mother’s of water. Mother’s of the earth. Mother’s of human kind, Mother’s of the wildlife.  Mother’s of vegetables and fruits all come from the Creator Mother of the Universe. In today’s society, and I said today’s society have cast out women at a lower rank however we are the ruler. Nothing can ever come to be without us having birthing life into this world.

 Women are disrespected to each other. Kids are disobedient to their mother. Men, many of your agenda’s are selfish when it comes to the woman  needs. They chase money, businesses and  use women to satisfy their own greed. They walk away from their woman and leave her stranded, unprotected and abandoned.  Yes, men are born into being Kings. They are chosen to be the Kings/protectors for their mothers, wives and children. They have to be taught from the root and importance of those responsibility from the woman. Unfortunately, that’s not the order anymore. You  have  so many women selling themselves for a man. We as  women have brought shame and disgrace among the power we have. Women don’t stand together anymore. There’s constant fights and bickering among us that’s foolish. There are more single mothers out here than I’ve ever seen before. We as women, a whole are angry and disappointed in the way men treat us and belittle us.

 The separation and distance among mothers parenting and the struggles were kept quiet when I was being raised, why? Because women supported one another It was unheard of to not support one another.  Mothers shared food, clothing, shelter, a shoulder to cry on. Women filled in the gaps of the absence for one another in a respectable way. Nowadays, when you try to extend your support and welcome those same traditions in which you were raised under you have other sisters being selfish, greedy, holding back from the hand that supports her.  You stop seeing love and begin to see selfishness, using another sister even when she’s at a very low point in her own struggles. It saddens me but as one little atom on this earth there is not so much I can do alone.

Many women have given up on men and now turning to one another for comfort, support, love and protection to an extent of relationship. Growing up I just didn’t see women in a relationship with women. What you do is your choice.  I am into judging anyone. Our Creator gave us free will. As for me, I am a woman. The opposite of me is man. It’s in the wording of who we are. There are not questions, logic, however proof that I am a woman. I am living in that right now. Feelings and emotions are like the waves it goes up and down, but the ocean is still the ocean and my emotions and feelings are mines. I was born a woman. When my time here has expired, I, then will in transition preparing for the next assignment. 

We as women have so much that we can contribute to one another without ever losing who we are. Remember, female of life are designed special. Men were crafted and designed special just as well. There is such a balance in our nature form. No matter what, men need women and we need our men. We have everything we need to survive so to the men, why is it such a battle in just love and nurture the women that we are?

When I look around I see so many women in the battlefields, in the home, in the schools, at the jails visiting their children. I see many mothers burying their children today. I see mothers just tired of this fight, this battle alone. We need so much to get back to our nature of nurturing with no barriers.

Lastly, women love who you are and where you come from. It’s not a struggle to know this. We are women of virtue and elegance. Get back to that if it’s been replaced for others things. Get back to loving your feelings and emotions. We have so much that we can give to each other.  Mother As for the men, love and embrace women. Without us there could never be you.

So what’s going on in your garden? Care to share, even give a little? Smile

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” “

“But who say you have to always be strong?”

calla-lily flower“But who are they to say or condemn who you are?”

I say unto to you “know who you are and forget what they say!”

“Everything and everyone comes with LIFE and DEATH. You are alive so LIVE and not perish?”

“You are never emotionally broken, just tired. Never let anyone tell you your weakness is failure. Weak is your strength. Weakness keeps you striving. When you are strong you are happy! TERRIFIC! Keep in mind when you are at a low place in your life you are able to think better, focus clearly, and build your “A”game up. You are more determined to press and not suppress. You are BLEST!”

“Rise above”

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It’s not easy, but it can be….

no support It’s not easy when you have to be everything at any given moment. My heart aches because of the ungratefulness and selfishness that your closest family and friends many times over see your struggle but never lift a finger or even a voice to help out. There are so many single household among you, in your neighborhood that struggles each and everyday, and you will never know. Silence needs to STOP. Single parents today, right now, step out and make it known you want to help somehow. Okay, we all have our struggles, yes, however, just think of living in a village, small town, no one ever went without. It’s time to kill the silence, the fears that the media, radio put out here about people doing harm to your children alone. Your closet friends and families have walked away and not look back. Personally, that’s more harm than a stranger can sometime do. Guess what! kill it! start over. Begin to open your heart to other women just like you! No, it’s not easy but that can change. You don’t need to be alone. You have mothers that are trying to work two, three jobs, and going to school. It’s never easy, but it can be. Theirs no reason why a group of mother’s can’t take a stand and support each other. We sacrifice so much for others that’s never worthy of our time, however, we continue this struggle alone when we don’t have to. I am so sick and tired of seeing mothers walking with their children to the store, whereas your neighbor  can watch the kids for an hour or two. Can offer you a lift back and from the store. We as single mothers need this from each other. Times are crucial and our blessings are among us. Let’s not be selfish of this time we can share with another single parenting household. The trust needs to start with you. I can’t count how many times I am caring to other children. Feeding them when I don’t have much to give. Just wondering how will I make it through the next days with less than what I had? Money means nothing to me when I know God/Creator always provides for me. Single mothers don’t have the extra money to ask someone to take them to the store, or even watch their children/child for a few hours, so why take something they don’t have? Why not help pass selfishness? GIVE a little of your time. Your struggle, my struggle becomes our struggle.20140708_064452 Being a single mother brings my heart to overflowing of tears. Many of our children go to bed hungry,that can change. Mothers can cook a meal for another household. It shakes my spirit, my soul to know this, even times when I didn’t have enough to eat, but I made it. It’s troubling to a mother when she’s not able to fully provide for her child. For the many mother’s out there NO ONE will never take care of us the way we should, so why not support each other? We are too familiar with the daily struggle ladies, so why not give that to each other. We have to make sure we are holding it together too, right? It’s not a stand to stand alone, but as UNITY as single parents. It’s not easy, but it can be. Single mothers make a start in your community. Start with a flyer. Ask for volunteers, or even provide what you are able to give. Start by word of mouth. It’s time to look out for one another. This silence of fear need to cease and the motherly love increase among each other. Find out what type of services you can provide in your days, hours, or just whenever you are available? Every woman can provide something small, just try it. Everyone will be able to bring ideas and thoughts of some type of service to the table. And for those who are not able to, it doesn’t exclude you either. We have to love and support each other no matter what! So again…..It’s not easy, but it can be…..

grandparent raising childrensingle mother holding it downHELP!