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It’s not easy, but it can be….

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no support It’s not easy when you have to be everything at any given moment. My heart aches because of the ungratefulness and selfishness that your closest family and friends many times over see your struggle but never lift a finger or even a voice to help out. There are so many single household among you, in your neighborhood that struggles each and everyday, and you will never know. Silence needs to STOP. Single parents today, right now, step out and make it known you want to help somehow. Okay, we all have our struggles, yes, however, just think of living in a village, small town, no one ever went without. It’s time to kill the silence, the fears that the media, radio put out here about people doing harm to your children alone. Your closet friends and families have walked away and not look back. Personally, that’s more harm than a stranger can sometime do. Guess what! kill it! start over. Begin to open your heart to other women just like you! No, it’s not easy but that can change. You don’t need to be alone. You have mothers that are trying to work two, three jobs, and going to school. It’s never easy, but it can be. Theirs no reason why a group of mother’s can’t take a stand and support each other. We sacrifice so much for others that’s never worthy of our time, however, we continue this struggle alone when we don’t have to. I am so sick and tired of seeing mothers walking with their children to the store, whereas your neighbor  can watch the kids for an hour or two. Can offer you a lift back and from the store. We as single mothers need this from each other. Times are crucial and our blessings are among us. Let’s not be selfish of this time we can share with another single parenting household. The trust needs to start with you. I can’t count how many times I am caring to other children. Feeding them when I don’t have much to give. Just wondering how will I make it through the next days with less than what I had? Money means nothing to me when I know God/Creator always provides for me. Single mothers don’t have the extra money to ask someone to take them to the store, or even watch their children/child for a few hours, so why take something they don’t have? Why not help pass selfishness? GIVE a little of your time. Your struggle, my struggle becomes our struggle.20140708_064452 Being a single mother brings my heart to overflowing of tears. Many of our children go to bed hungry,that can change. Mothers can cook a meal for another household. It shakes my spirit, my soul to know this, even times when I didn’t have enough to eat, but I made it. It’s troubling to a mother when she’s not able to fully provide for her child. For the many mother’s out there NO ONE will never take care of us the way we should, so why not support each other? We are too familiar with the daily struggle ladies, so why not give that to each other. We have to make sure we are holding it together too, right? It’s not a stand to stand alone, but as UNITY as single parents. It’s not easy, but it can be. Single mothers make a start in your community. Start with a flyer. Ask for volunteers, or even provide what you are able to give. Start by word of mouth. It’s time to look out for one another. This silence of fear need to cease and the motherly love increase among each other. Find out what type of services you can provide in your days, hours, or just whenever you are available? Every woman can provide something small, just try it. Everyone will be able to bring ideas and thoughts of some type of service to the table. And for those who are not able to, it doesn’t exclude you either. We have to love and support each other no matter what! So again…..It’s not easy, but it can be…..

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