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Talk about “Critical”~~~Whew!

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Critical folks…whew!

Critical folks can become defensive and over the top in their behavior. It’s not that serious. I have to say I enjoy learning. I enjoy debates in conversations. Keep in mind everyone are dealing and coping with things differently than you the next person. We only have solutions to our own problems and not others. I believe everyone gravitates towards each other life experience in a good way and bad way. When others questioned things like yourself it’s, not  an attack on your wisdom or your intelligence.  Over critical can stem from their childhood. Parents being overly critical can be the cause of this man or woman being the way they are today.  Then you have friends, teachers that were very stern in there disposition. This type of behavior can be exhausting at some point.  Critical abuse comes from ways of mistreatment internally and externally, meaning spiritually, physically, verbally and emotionally. Relationships are constantly being destroyed from harsh criticism. The person character and personality is always on trial, rather than the behavior behind the abuser. When a person decides to do something wrong they tend to lash out there imperfection on another person. So instead of taking accountability for your own choices you need a fall person that you can put blame on. Critical folks grow up looking at situations and others thinking something about them need to be fixed or repaired. It’s alright to not always have things in a strict and structural order.

Overly critical folks will often look for flaws in others rather than looking at themselves first. Where does the root of this stem from?  their childhood. It’s an over time of sadness, isolation, not saying very much, suppression, deep pression and resentment brewing and coming into existence often. Not many critical folks can have a general conversation and not feel like someone has a motive or feeling like their intelligence are being attacked. It’s very challenging for them to agree with another person. It’s more like belittling your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and opinion. Growing up they would always hear of the things they did not do right. They would hear let downs instead of praises. Everything is questioned as to why it wasn’t done a certain way? Overtime it can become a mental breakdown. Obsessive and overly critical thinkers feel like there shouldn’t be no room for excuses, even errors with themselves and with others. They beat themselves up in their minds. Self inflicted of abuse there. Their behaviors can begin to control you. Critical thinkers can be manipulative bullies. They enjoy the feel it gives them to dominant under the radar, but why?  1) To feel inferior. 2) To feel not challenged.  3) They’re experts at what they do. At least that’s what they tell themselves.

When they become bored with the norm they have a tendency to switch up and search for new challenges. They are attractive to others that are able to challenge them. Someone that can take them to the edge of their bordeism and bring some excitement to them. Someone that can find reasoning and understanding to their behaviors, their madness, even the mind games they play. Not afraid to tell them their ass holes and can tell them how awesome they are too.

Critical people don’t like to bend without reason. Their attitude is one way. They will stand on their own principles about everything. Unlike others critical thinkers have a balance to enjoy the flexibility and show relaxation in there critical thoughts. Over the top critical thinkers can find if rather difficult to have gentle and compassionate thoughts. However, being harsh is the way or the highway. Not all things will be compromised. Standing their grounds will remain intact.

Critical folks display  at times having to be tough but deep down inside they are the most sensitive people on this earth. Behind the scenes they are having temper tantrums, crying, making a fuss because of their own attitudes. Critical people always hunt for problems in others and excuse there problems as if they have everything together and in order. Not true. They become very harsh to themselves and abusive and uncaring to their own well being. Criticism folks suffered from the lack of love to more bashing to no love, cold, and heartless.  If they are not in control they feel they’re are headed for destruction. Critical minded people have trust issues.

For example of their behavior: If they packed a lunch for work but rushed out and left it on the counter, they will beat the hell out of themselves because they forgot their lunch. It’s not looked at as being a mistake, but not being very smart. They will not let it go until they’ve punished themselves enough. It’s nearly impossible to live with them. Socially challenging and having a relationship with the can be discouraging.

critical mind

Critical thinkers sit back and study and analyze everything and everyone. They are great philosophers, perfectionist, knowledgeable, well spoken, excellent writers, superb thinkers, just awesome! The flip side can be harsh in their words. Sensitive and emotional to many things but not everything. They don’t know how to relax.

The attachment of love became detached somewhere. It’s a blessing to be engaged with your critical thinking. With many of us it’s one of our strongest areas. It’s in our nature to questioned things at a higher degree. When it becomes overly and obsessively it can be very harmful and detrimental.  I speak for myself here when I say I am a thinker by nature. I know sometimes I can over think on matters. When it gets to the point to where it’s taking me out of my element then it’s too much, and I need to self check myself and tone it down. I enjoy the debates of the minds. I find it to be fulfilling to the soul, spirit, mind and body. Balance comes with everything we do in life. Critical is healthy and secured. Overly and obsessively is unhealthy and unsecured.

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