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“CapriCorns” “Capi’sssss” “Capri’sssss”

20150120_214053 20150120_214815 Happy Birthday to “All” the Capricorn’s out there1418953934723As always, and REMEMBAH~~~Capricorn’s WILL always take out the OLD YEAR and bring in the NEW YEAR!  We’re balance like that. Strong like that. The only one’s that’s MANDATED to do just that!  Hello to my real home base “Saturn”~~~ Make this a powerful and Loving year Capi’s out there!

Balance  Focus  Loyal  Reserve  CareFree  Humble  Misunderstood  IntroVerts STOIC at times  Loving  Caring  Hardworker/HustlaH’sss but …yet~~~ Smart at everything WE do  InDependent  Private  Trustworthy  Great Listener ‘s  Nature Beings  Spiritual  GuRu’s  Humorous  CAUTIOUS  INTuTive  Beautiful  Grounded  EARTH  SATURN  LOVE   Long Suffering  Patient  Thinkers  BLEST~~~~need I say more?