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Been a while huh!

1427150993830To the UnIverse as I slowly make my way back before the stroke of these keys. What a soothing and blessing to begin the next journey as STRONG and POWERFUL as I was. Just when you think you are stripped of the old and formal things, no way. I smile now, yet when I was going through the battles of sickness, I rise above in peace. In quietness. Not understanding so much as to what was happening at the time, yet I didn’t care not dwell on it. I give praise that God continue to shift, remove and wash any and all from my life. In many cases it’s a tough pill to swallow but when it’s time to end it it’s done. Keep moving. always move forward in your journey. Whatever is meant to be it’s done. Whatever is not meant to be, take it as a thank you and never be sadden about it. No regrets. In every step life journeys will throw you a curve ball. You may get hit a few times,but it’s all good. Not everything last forever. Embrace it while you can. I appreciate God giving me the wisdom, intellect, and ability to discern so much. Even when my health was on the edge, I made it. Not realizing being on the go so much. Doing so much. A minor stroke was knocking at me door. I was like “Who is it now at the door?”  Stroke. Breast cancer, possibly bone cancer, hypertension,  Aneurysm, bill collectors, children having difficulties. I mean they all came on in and had a seat, One by one came by my bed to check how I was doing? All I knew I was already down from  affliction. I wasn’t going anywhere.The storms  moved on.  Have so much to share. Blest in the storms. my travels are lighter now. Until next time. Smile, rejoice and be glad in it.