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LoL Here!!! Was thinking a year ago about the letter V, hmmm…Looking at the alphabets with my grandchildren and notice “Dang! My V is the most hardest working letter in the alphabet. And yes, of course the first letter in my name…so follow me here. A K M N V W X Y Z < > ^… I’m quite sure you’re find this interesting..LoL….the mind is incredible! Enjoy~~~

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Lady “V”

Oh WOW!!! It’s been years since I’ve been here. Can say how much I’ve missed being connected to great energy here. At times we have to break away to rebuild, renew, and refresh. Universal Love always take us away and bring us back to the many things and people we love so much. Inspired by the many talents and gifts from our writing. Something for everyone is phenomenal. Enough space to give and receive. Timing is everything I must say. There are times I wanted to write but I couldn’t. However, everything was saved in my HeartDrive. Healing of emotions, feelings, spiritual and soul all take it’s own time to recover. In all the changes we all endure we come out joyful and happy as ever. Each moment has it’s own story. It’s own his/her/story to tell that’s made not only for you but to others. Lady “V” is back. Never disconnected to the vine. Spiritually getting stronger and wiser. Spiritually focus. Spiritually connected you and me=We…. Thank you! Happy New Year!!!!!