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Rise Up!


Determine to press on and not suppress. Rise Up!

Rise up vibrations

Rise up from things and people that doesn’t serve  your incline

Rise up because you are strong

Rise up because it’s time

Rise up and don’t hit the snooze button

Rise up and enjoy this day. This moment

Men, rise up for Women

Women, rise up for Men

Rise up for the Nation

Rise up and kiss the Universe

Rise up!





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LoVe In Our…

You are truly lovely, unique, perfectly created. When our Creator decided to mold and form us into the Queens that we are, make no mistakes we were made in time, LoVe in our Passion.   LoVe in our Fragrance. LoVe in our minds, body soul and spirit. LoVe in our Wound. LoVe in our Tears and Fears. LoVe to our Men. LoVe in our Kiss. LoVe in our Smile. LoVe in our Words. LoVe in out Touch. LoVe in every breath we take…Sigh…. LoVe in our swag. LoVe in our UniquNess. LoVe in our Fight. LoVe to Live. LoVe to be LoVe.  Know this about yourself. We are born carriers of Birthing and Manifesting so many things. LoVe in our Emotions. We were built to last not crash. LoVe in our Now. LoVe in Our….


Invest  In yourself by appreciating who you are…Acceptance

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It’s Life


The world of people are made up of both energies. In both you learn to bump it up a few notches or bring it down a few notches. Relationship with yourself are the same. Relationships with others both learn and grow to be the opposite of ones energies.  It requires patience, caring, loving and understanding. Regardless, both lanes of energies are needed to function. What’s so remarkable of both lanes, both have access to the middle lane. The lane which supports the them both. It’s Life

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Thank You


It’s been a long while upon returning with my writing here. We have something very special and valuable to one another. It’s kindred spirits as well as inspiring energies. Our souls refresh with great readings of each other master pieces. Compliments are shared without a thought. This is a place of beauty. We represent Unity= UnI in the UniVerse. On occasions I will send big hugs and High Fives to demonstrate and show my appreciation to everyone. Truly humble and grateful. So tonight before I go to bed I love forward to writing in my journal. “5 things that I’m grateful for?” The first one will be you that I am grateful for.. Thank you again for being who you are and not what others want you to be.

Stay Beautiful

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My “soul love” story of Knowing and Loving Myself




“Knowing who you are will attract loving others.” Me, myself and I have grown so close to the point of excitement. Discovering so much about myself have empowered me even more.  Knowing myself is taking time to do things I enjoy doing. It’s a love once you explore you will never leave. It came a time when meeting new people brought out frustration, a huge turn off. Tired of glancing down at my phone and finding someone texted me or missed call and feeling disgusted. I realize in the past 5 years of my life that no one could ever replace me. Nor will I ever get to a place of losing myself again. The pain I took myself through was almost to death. Wanting to be love from someone else when in fact I had no idea how to love myself first. Being married for 12 years caused heartache and misery that I brought on myself. Yes, it’s easy to blame the other person, however many times looking in the mirror at myself I was responsible for myself. Two souls that wasn’t meant for each other were finally set free in divorce. Today, he and I are the best of friends.

After my father passed in 2012 I shut down. Went into my shell. There I began to figure out what to do with myself. Looking deeply all could find was a mess. It was more like a room where I stored, sadness, regret, shame, worthless, low self esteem, depression and so much more. A room gone unnoticed internally. I had no idea where to begin to begin cleaning house. It’s taking me those 5 years to rediscover the beauty of that room and other rooms. The hoarding went away. No more cobwebs.  No more disguise of dryness in the air. No more unhealthy emotions personalities. Actually, it was the best room in my house, meaning my internal. There I begin to apologize to myself for the abuse I place on myself, my soul. Those dark places became the best view of brightness I never saw in myself. Sound weird but having conversations with myself and moments of laughter was pretty cool. I began to date myself. Read books I enjoyed. Taking long baths to relax my mind. Writing was so missed. Sitting outside in the summer watching the stars from a far and so much more. Amazing.

Being solo for now is healthy. It’s sensuous. A place of peace. Being content. Having things, I want to do for myself are now manifesting in something incredible. Many times, over I miss loving who loved the most, myself. I begin to put me first. I would recognize in others behavior and disfunction and would run like a track star. Loneliness vacated my space. Not to say this was ever easy because it wasn’t. My entire being was going through a detox. Life changing. I’ve grown in knowing myself and still learning. I’ve grown in identifying what’s best for me and what’s not best for me.  I’m all cleaned up internally. I now attract like minded and spiritual people like myself. Iron sharpens Iron, right? I walk more in confidence. I have no room of wasting my time nor energy of others or things that doesn’t serve my purpose and passion along my journey. Self-love and self-awareness are connected together. They support one another.

Many, have a heart of treasures, and so quickly to give so much away until you realize every piece of you have vanished, departed, gone. A sense of loss, confusion, sadness, fatigue, the list goes one. When it comes to that, your is soul is screaming. Packed up and gone. As for me, I had to run after my soul. I had to show and prove to myself that I was valued and appreciated It was a place of healing and again, rediscovering myself.

Love starts internally. It’s the best part many of us bypass in many aspects of our lives. The Law of Attraction is ready to serve love myself enough to not be a prison to yourself and for the sake of others. Don’t entertain selfish personalities of others. Say “NO”! and mean it! Have no regrets. Clean up before you invite others.  Don’t die before haven’t lived. Align yourself and keep moving forward. The energies of the universe to pour upon your life of servants that will love and adore you. Serve and be of a servant to others. And lastly, always remember to give thanks to your struggles and then show them the door, humbly. love yourself the way you need to be love. Soul search and you will find everything you need and desire. Don’t think about it. Just start the work. It will naturally flow. It did for me. I have no regrets.





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EvoLoVe simply Love from your left to your right from you right to your left. Evol_ve is love. Love begins with you evolving yourself around You. Love is getting to know the positive and negative of your personalities. Love is essential. Love shows up when emotions are all over the place. Love is Universal. Love is capture in every form. Love is obedient to it’s purpose. Love never fails. Love is Life. Love is patient. Love heals in time. Love is now. 

We as a whole we sometimes lose sight of  precious moments in our lives. At times we need to be reminded that we are love. And so many people love us just as much. Love out of caring. Love when we are frustrated, or even sad. When it’s all said and done Love is always there. Love is all around us. Love is in our motions. Love is in our strength. Love is in our sorrow. Love is our beauty. With all this love around love is You and Me.

Love is Earth. Love is Fire. Love is Air. Love is Water. Love is Nature. Love is  Humankind. Love is Everlasting. Love is Unconditional. Love is Free.  Love is Love.  Love is Taste. Love is Smell. Love is Feel. Love is  Hearing.  Love is Seeing. Love is Knowing. Love never changes. Evolve being In LoVe with LoVe.

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Moving forward

your perfect

Sitting here with a blank poster board with so many ideas and thoughts ready to come my reality. Excited because it’s something I’ve been wanting to do. The thought of wanting everything to be perfect caused a strain on my creative fun fun fun!!! It’s taking two years to return here. Always felt overwhelmed and discouraged so I would immediately shut down. Enjoy my creative mind however, Not believe in myself in place everything on hold. Fast forward… Had a Ah ha! moment awaken out of my sleep laughing. Like Huh! I remembered my dream. My thoughts. “Vision Board” Yes!

The next day,  on my way to purchase my poster board and all the necessities. Oh wow! EXCITED!!! Walking down the aisle and this huge board looking at me, like whoa! saying in my mind “That’s way too big. Hmmm think think think.”  Taking a few more steps I came across a smaller poster board. Perfect! A thought came across my mind to not feel overwhelm anymore. I trusted my thought and proceeded to shop. So here I am ready to get started.

I agreed with “self” to have fun creating and accomplishing  goals by taking baby steps. Step 1.  Write out  what I want to accomplish on pieces of color paper and place into the clear container. Step 2. Every week pick something from the container to add to my vision board. Each accomplishment I Complete will Treat myself.  Sound like fine huh! Making things fun and less overwhelming comes with creative thinking. one step at a time makes everything flow better. I figure if I loaded my poster board with all my soon to be accomplishments it would send me straight in overload. The idea is to have fun being creative, having fun and being successful. Knowing my thoughts are now written out it allows me to look forward to what’s next from my clear container.

No matter how big or small a task, idea, or project may be the motto is “You can” overcome fear by getting tired of being tired. Instead of running away from it  Run towards it.  It’s never hopeless but instead theirs hope. Healing and trusting comes in your time. When you cross that hurdle Confidence and Empowerment are cheering you on.

Anything you want to accomplish just remember to take your time. Pack light. Allow yourself time and space. Create what works for you. Change your mindset. Keep reminding yourself that it’s all in fun, being creative, and accomplishing your success. Always know whatever you want to know about yourself seek within and you will find.  Your treasure of thoughts are waiting patiently for you. Their going be reminders around you, within you  to let you know it’s important to face challenges even when it doesn’t feel good. This can bring forth great healing and build your self-esteem to higher heights. Another dose of loving yourself. Moving forward>>>>>>>>>


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Create Your “Know”

                                 I know when I SMILE my entire being is happy and loved

                                I know LOVE…Duh!!!! That’s Me…Laughing out Loud

                                I know You are BEAUTIFUL! YEP!!! smiling

                                I know CREATION births being CREATIVE

                                I KNOW what I KNOW                 

                               What Creates your “KNOW”

I realized how much I enjoy writing. Writing is a gift for many like you and me. It’s sharing, giving receiving. The time is now to utilize your gifts by exercising what comes very naturally. Writing is fulfilling. Writing allows that time to live in the moment to make a difference in yourself as well as to others. Writing quench that thirst Create and celebrate! Being a creative thinker can brings passion. When you know what  you know make it come to life. It’s paints the picture of who you are and it’s really cool because you like it and others do too!  Know you are love. Know you are Confidence. Know you are Joy. Know you are Peace. Know your self worth~~~~ 


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“I am special to myself…You are special to yourself…”


“I am special to myself…You are Special to yourself…..”



I can say with many challenges of my own I began to realize how special I was to myself.

No date or time it appears  I am special to myself.

In all the many things around me remind me of me and there I am special to myself.

A time to just lay in my bed looking at the ceiling even then I was special to myself.

Hair is a mess. No laundry or cooking a meal today….still…I am special to myself.

Because I’m uniquely design, still, I am special to myself.

If things seem like there not going your way right then or there just remember and know “You are special to yourself”.

We may not have the answers to all things, situations or circumstances just remember we are truly special to ourselves. You are special to yourself.

The more important factor of loving yourself is giving back to yourself. It doesn’t take much. Take a few minutes to acknowledge yourself. Applaud  yourself.  “You” what matters to the Universe. To the world.  You are special to yourself. 

Be easy on yourself. So much we have to face on a daily basis can overload our circuits and we begin to lose an important piece of ourselves. It doesn’t take much to lose that. It’s taking me years to figure that out. The transformation of doing for everyone else are now at the back of the line. I’m first now. It’s my time and moment now.

Although it sound simple for me to say this it’s not at all easy to stick with it. It’s something I am exercising in my life.  In my daily walk. Whatever it takes I am doing that. It’s not always comfortable but it has to be done. If you need reminders so why not put it on your calendar in your phone to remind you that “You are special to yourself”. It can’t hurt. Try it and see what happens. Eventually you’ll get it. That buzzing sound. That pop up that you may have to hit the snooze or dismiss to say to yourself “Hey I go it!” It will begin to transform where you won’t need a reminder. Try it for yourself Instead of looking for praise or recognition, plug into yourself  and praise and recognize yourself. Love you. Pamper you. Fight for you. “You” what matters.

Long story short….. “I am special to myself….You are special to yourself”