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twisterTwister was one of the BEST board game eva!!!! This game challenged you physically…GRRRRRR!!! Brain and blood rushing. Feeling whoozy! The laughter was ridiculously INSANE! Would be a HOT DAMN MESS in exhaustion. In positions of disbelief. No time to care who was over who. Under who.  Until somebody was trying to rest on you on the sly!(lolololol) was like “Oooooh Nooooo GET OFF ME! trying to rest! Rise up!” Hot and sweaty. Mouth drying up! Bundle of fun. Focus driven. Determination. If you weren’t flexible before the game you were by the end of your tap out by falling out!!! Oooh my gosh!

It’s so ironic how the many things we grew up around relay to our daily lives. In good in some ways and not so good sometimes. Our path walk have many twist and turns, however, we continue to push our way through it all. Doesn’t always have to be serious all the time. Theirs humor and fun it everything. We have to return to our childlike and think of something that reminds us of that. From there all you can do is have an outburst of laughter.

Going to purchase “Twister” for my grand babies. See if the affects are still effective just as it was back in the day. Except I’ll be the one spinning the wheel twister1. And… watch… who !will! tap! out! FIRST!!!! laughter




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calm wavesVibrations and rhythm are apart of each and everyone of us. We have the characteristics of this calming nature. The vibrations seem to be very settling. Peaceful and relaxing. When we’re resting,  enjoying what we like to do. When asleep our motions seem to settle down from all the movements that occur constantly throughout our days. Healing comes from the settle in our rhythm and vibration. We get to choose what’s important to oneself. Nothing or no one else matters. Just you in an abyss.rising wavesIn some cases when restless mode we tend to have things that troubles flow. Restless nights. Turbulence. Long days.  Just in a mood of not wanting to be bother. Waves rising. Vibration climbing. Rhythm gets rough. The capabilities to control what we do become or feel incapable. Challenges have an impact in the highs and lows. As a whole we can always learn something new about ourselves in those phases. Learning to ride our own waves comes with hard work and perseverance. Learning to move out the way of our waves and vibration when necessary. Early rise in the morning starts off like that calm wave. As we get going the waves begin to rise up master of your wavesLearn to ride your waves in YOU. Raise the vibration and rhythm. The highs and  low’s have rhythm. You are the masterpiece to your vibrations. There will be times when you’re on a high. There are times when you’re on a low. Doesn’t matter the flow continues. It’s yours. Work it out. When your situation or circumstance begin to come bigger than you >>>>shift out the way  and allow that “Thing” pass you. Check it out but continue move forward. Stay in your lane. Shift lanes when you have to and allow that ‘Thing” to move on. It’s a greatness of appreciation for yourself on a higher plane.

Never had the honors to rock with the power of nature like this on a surfboard before. It’s gives me a greater appreciation how beautiful another form of life exists among us. It teaches us to just do it. Just be. As we are faced with many challenges and indifference nature can too be faced the same when theirs no appreciation, love and respect out there.  A calm before a storm and upon return the calm. Live your life and control your vibration on your rhythm. Peace~~~


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What’s Your Poetry


What’s your poetry? Think about it. We all have something UNIQUE that naturally flows~

Poetry  in your smile~

Poetry in your music~

Poetry in your dance~

Poetry in your walk~

Poetry in your eyes~

Poetry in your tears~

Poetry VOLTS the rage inside your cage~

Poetry in your silence~

Poetry  in the way you carry yourself~

Poetry in giving, sharing and spreading love^

Poetry in your expression>>>

Poetry in your Divine<<<

Poetry in the stroke of a pen and paper{}

Poetry in your thoughts***

Poetry in your SOUL~

What’s your Poetry? Let go and  let it flow~~~~~~~~~


poetry-pencil (1)

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Remember Monopoly


I was sitting here going back into my childhood of some fun times. Monopoly appeared before me. A game board that taught you ways of life. Money. Time. Being at your best then hit rock bottom. A game that could last for a few hours because of the intensity. As kids our imagination became our reality. When you played monopoly was like the serious face appeared. Knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park. Everyone were business boys and girls in adult roles. The cards were totally confusing. Sometimes you had to silence the noise to read and re read the “saying” on the card. It was madness at times. So, let me ask you and ask self, what was your favorite? Was it the hat?The car? The horse? Just to name a few…lol… HA!!! who went to jail? Mannnnnn….I would be in tears when that card came up. Of course the rest of the crew would be rolling. But wait….what about the money. Mad cool money!

Hmmm…it’s funny how Monopoly continue to impact our daily lives. Although things get tough, we continue to roll with it. Can’t give up. Too much evolves us constantly. When things are on a roll it pushes us even more and more that we tend to forget the importance of life, and that’s enjoyment or greed. You win some and you lose some but overall you’re always #1. When life seem shaky, return to something that can make you laugh. Enjoy that moment. Embrace your time spent. Monopoly is LIFE. Keep living. Don’t stop. Don’t look back and get stuck. Look and look forward. If not you’ll miss your turn. You will get skipped. If not monopoly what game board inspired you? And how does it relate to your NOW? We’re all traveling forward. Whatever taunts at your growth. Release it.  Roll the dice and see what’s next. You’ll be glad you did. Don’t dismiss your journey for something that you can never change. Support the change and stay encourage. So what’s your Monopoly? Play, have fun, learn, and grow. Everything has a start and finish. Theirs many lessons to learn from that board. Determine where you are, and get to it!!!! Lata!