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“Like me”



Just yesterday looking out the door, and  tree spirits begin to embrace my entire being in a way I could understand. I looked out and listened. I looked again and smiled. Looking at the wood frame of the homes being put together was incredible. “Wood. Trees. Beauty. Ah ha!” Without trees we have no shelter. The strength of trees continues to stand strong and tall as I once saw them before but closer than I ever thought.  In another shape and form. The sacrifice and pain endured to bring us shelter and so much more.  I smile and wiped my tears.  Spirits from the trees began to piece my brokenness back together again. Showing me the transition that life never dies.

Taken back when I was a little girl and during the summer my brothers and I would spend the summer in the country. It was something about trees I truly loved. Energies were connected. Trees slow to grow like me. Weathered many storms and sometime the storms weathered the trees like me. Been around for decades like me. Have many stories to tell like me. Never die just transform like me. No matter how short or tall it holds balance like me.

To conclude I now have a living tree planted in my yard. Been two years now. Growing steady. Slow. Balance. Life. Love. Living like me. That broke the ice and freed my heart from sadness and bitterness into joy and happiness.

Look. Listen. Amazing when you know your connection to nature like me. What you think is destroyed is restored right before your eyes, like me. Free2B



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Thank You

Sometimes we need a reminder of how beautiful we really are to ourselves, first and foremost and to each other. To share our thoughts with one another here is magnetic, love, passion, and I “Thank You.” 

Writing is a forever living source that constantly refresh, renew, recreate and flourish endlessly. 

Thank You Beautiful writers out there for loving what you do and continue to bring healing to another soul just like me.

Thank Youflowerbutterfly