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Know Thyself

Know thyself

Beauty is designed to form more of who you are….

See…Know thyself

 Feel…Know thyself

Smell… Know thyself

Hear…Know thyself

Taste…Know thyself

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Through my path walk I discovered the influence of darkness and the beauty of it. Before birth I traveled through darkness before entering the light.

Fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees are planted into the ground and covered with dirt, entering as a seed into darkness. Through love and nurturing in time it begin to push forth, something small and greenery and pretty (smile). Entering the light (smile). Delicate, yet very powerful (smile).

When unclear in my thoughts, feelings, seeing so much in my light can be so much to consume. Returning to darkness things become clearer to me. I feel refresh. Returning to the light with a better understanding.  My darkness (Inward) is my light (Outward).

Unforgiving of my flaws were dark, yet full of light. My tears were unexplained what the voices in my thoughts went silent. I could not speak.  I begin to use my hands, touching my heart, and begin to plant seeds…they grow(pretty).

Darkness in light. Light in darkness. That’s love

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Nspired Writer

To include:

Identify your own love languages. Speak it. Make it plain. This is who I am. This is who you are.  Loving  oneself

To include:

I am beautiful in my own Unique way

It’s a joy to laugh and be silly

I love being in nature

Gardening and planting inspires my nurturing attributes

Reading and writing broaden the sparks that holds no barriers

Yoga is a highlight of staying connected to the Creator of my Creation

And so much more…

So enough about me, tell me about you…

To include:

That was fun


The Nature n U

When you go against the nature n U, see, know and feel, your experience, you go against the flow. It’s a struggle. It’s impossible.

When you go with the nature n U, feel, see, know, you glow. You flow. Now watch how far you go.

The Nature N U~~~