My Spiritual Incline "Free2BMe"

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Just thinking

A place in your space, create your love and essence.

Hope and Dreams…, it happens in your time. As long as you can revisit it from time to time, it becomes a reality, in every breath you inhale and exhale.

Without obstacles, no challenges. Without the dark, no light. Without the high, theirs no low. Without the student, the teacher could not exist, or could it? Without the four seasons, would be no seasons.

The Vision is your Mission. Your mission is the vision.

Traffic is always moving forward no matter how you look at it. As a whole we all have to fall back sometimes…falling asleep, sitting down, taking a moment or two, three….(lol). Overall, when it’s time to move again, we move forward. Time moves forward. The ocean rocks back and forth, only to push forward. Life is beautiful.