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From “Tha” Top

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The blame game never cease. When you take a moment to really eval and re-eval yourself, theirs so much to learn from. Everything from you is the continuation mark, not the beginning mark. I hear so often, you dislike who you with, however, is it really that person or is it really you that you don’t like? All you have and all that you need is within you. How can you expect for someone to get to know you, love you or connect with you when you haven’t done the work for on yourself and be welcoming. It’s not anyone responsibility to heal your wounds, when you haven’t done the work for YOU. What is wrong with being alone for a while? When you can’t stand to be in the company of yourself, why prey your misery upon anyone else? Own your pain, because it’s apart of you forever. Embrace your low moments and high moments. Remove the chip off your shoulder and pick yourself up and INTUNE with yourself. When everything falls, self still hold it down. So why not love everything about you. Challenge yourself. Talk to you. cry with you. share a movie with you. journal your journey with you, and so much more with you. Heal your scars from your mental. Rest your heart from troubles, and plant your love in places you admire. You are the building of your life and the destroyer of your life. People only mimic what you do to yourself, so why are you mad? Why are you so angry? Why are you blaming and not gaining? You eat healthy, but your attitude stinks. You have a degree, so what? what are you doing to give back to your community? You have richness, and you still ain’t happy. What’s your problem? The blame game never cease, from “tha” Top“.

Author: quietwhisper

About me~A powerful woman one who feels deeply and loves like a scorching fire. The tears no one see flows like a river, full of strength just as abundantly; just as the way I laugh with such a glow. About me~Its the GURU in me that makes me not fearful to be in fear for a moment when I'm afraid. About me~Elegant and courageous. Consume compliments to heart and pamper myself like the Nubian Queen that I am in soft music or just reading a book or just writing. About me~Equally keen, missive, visionary and decisive. I stand firm on hope when things seem to be a hopeless, however there are many times I fall weak. About me~ Practice what she teaches first and foremost to SELF continually. Able to elevate my spiritual incline Free2Be. About me~A lady living in her essence. Unyielding woman.

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