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Knowing all the versions of yourself


When you are in a place where you are always placing yourself being last to be served, there it will for certain tell you, you are in need of giving yourself more attention. There seem to always be a sense of acceptance and validation of others, when in fact you haven’t taken the time to receive your own self love. Knowing more of yourself means you need to care more about your well being. Learn and engage in your higher self and your lower self. Theirs always improvement for your growth. Be specific in an area that’s an DIS-Ease in your life. You sometime may feel like you’re not getting anywhere, but you are.  I can relate by realizing I was only cutting at the surface and not getting to the root of the source of my challenges. I use to believe there was no “How to” until I  began to discover more about myself. From there; self love, self support and self guidance began to make it’s presence. I was exhausted from creating everyone around me comfortable when in fact I was uncomfortable. In order for me to realize that, I had to fall with nothing attached to me. A real and genuine love sprinkled life back into me. It was like a plant without water, with suddenly this sprinkle into a pour hitting the roots and rising to the top of the plant. I felt so alive again, refresh, a new beginning with only me in the story. From there the KNOWING began to elevate me and evolving me in ways I never imagine nor experience.

Enclosing, just when you think you know everything about you, happily to say, you haven’t. It’s a whole newness of yourself that’s ready to rise up. Don’t give up on loving everything about yourself. Theirs a better version of yourself if you continue to read the other chapters of your life. 

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“…I Thank You for your support”

I am forever grateful for each and everyone here and your support. Thank you for your inspiration!

“Much oblige”

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An Early Saturday Morning

Stay Nspired

I continue to work on my internal healing and self love. I use to try and figure out what to do with myself, and for myself???? Taking the time to identify with things I enjoy doing, and on my list was walking with others, and connecting with nature. Searching searching & searching…

“Meet Up”, yes! I’d taking a liking to this particular group. The energy was just Right! I was a bit hesitant at first, still I accepted the opportunity to join them. Had a wonderful time. It was something I needed to do for myself. I allow self doubt to leave, and from there, everything was beautiful. When you’re in search of something for yourself, many times it will present itself. The question for self. Will you accept or decline? That moment, met me half way, a fair exchange. If nothing else, spend sometime loving what inspires you!💕Charitable moments😉

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When you discover someone special did you blossom in those special moments?

Special to be able to share and spread “Good News” through writing, being visual, a smile, laughter, an act of kindness, and so much more.

Special when you can extend a helping hand to someone that’s less fortunate. It’s like a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It’s priceless. It comes without a thought.

Special times when you have those silly moments alone, and a burst of laughter of an embarrassing moment (All Eyes On Me).

Special, when you made a dish for the fist time and it came out perfect. Flip side, didn’t come out so great, but still enjoyed it “As much as you could”….Lol….shaking my head…Lol

Special time and spending time deeply into your thoughts until you fallen asleep.

How many special moments come to your mind?

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Contagious to….

Contagious to be happy

Contagious to free

Contagious to not to pretend

Contagious to care for others

Contagious to be true to yourself

Contagious to feel the vibrations

Contagious to grow

Contagious to accept oneness

Contagious to love

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Allow your purpose to drive your feelings. You will grow to know that the best fulfillment are the things you most enjoy and love. Spend sometime with your thoughts, and allow your journey to begin. You will never regret it.

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New Beginings

Tell the story. You are apart of her(story)& his(story). Every step you take moving, it’s a new beginning. What does that mean? It has no meaning when you just be, and just do it.

Having a rough time right now? I have them often, however, I decide to change that uneasiness and ease, smile, and reflect that moment to a new beginning. In each moment it has meaning some place in your space. Digress? Yes I’m order to progress. Each meaning in your life means something greater for you. Trust the process. New beginnings are always happening. Can’t capture them all, more-so, the ones you can… grab them. Take a moment. Inhale and exhale… release. Another beginning awaits you.

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He said, “I’m trying to learn your heart”.

She said, ” I’m trying to learn your intellect”.

He said “The way you look at me

She said “ Stop it. I’m shy (smiling)

He said “ Don’t be afraid. I will protect you. Love you. Listen to you. I will work to understand you, but I need your help. I will honor and respect you. Don’t be afraid”.

She said “I’m trying. Heard it all before. I love emotionally. I am a woman, queen, warrior, balance spiritually, never underestimate my thoughts. Still healing. Willing. Taking my time this time. Be patient with me. I’m trying”.

He said “ I am with you. Let’s work together. I will talk to you, nurture you. My actions will speak to you even when I’m not present”.

She said, We will work together. Trying for each other. We are a team”. Sigggghhhh…

They look into each other essences, speaking together “Trying”