My Spiritual Incline "Free2BMe"

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Keep stretching and expanding, you be surprise how amazing and magnificent you really are. Self confidence through being uncomfortable sometimes will begin to pour out your river flow. Don’t put limits on yourself when you can have it all. Stretch and rest, and stretch some more. Without pain theirs no growth. Be patient with yourself. Pour love in your craft. And be gentle with the process. It’s musical to your entire being🔥💞👍🏾

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Art is an expression, creativity, your thoughts, rhythm, together, love, respect, peace, harmony, never ending, embrace, safe, energies, vibrations, power, self love, unique, attractive, flowing, resting in each other, unity, sharing, receiving, freedom, ambience….endlessly

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During that time

When you shut down, just remember to open back up. It’s easy to get stuck in one place by overly focus in one place or space.

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“B who U R”


First to admit that changes are needed somewhere in my daily life. We as a whole need positive support in the growth and development with one exception don’t stop Being who You are , but to continue to “B who U R”. Being difficult is not a bad thing. Self care is taking care of YOU! And if that means hurting feelings, it’s not intentional, it’s just the way it has to be. You have a voice. You have the final choice through your voice. Be firm and love that you love yourself that much.

My favorite phrase when people feel that I’m difficult “Yes, I’m difficult, so now you know I’m not easy”! Love and keep loving who you are and continue to heal through challenges. Have no regrets😉

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A little of my journey

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An Early Saturday Morning

Stay Nspired

I continue to work on my internal healing and self love. I use to try and figure out what to do with myself, and for myself???? Taking the time to identify with things I enjoy doing, and on my list was walking with others, and connecting with nature. Searching searching & searching…

“Meet Up”, yes! I’d taking a liking to this particular group. The energy was just Right! I was a bit hesitant at first, still I accepted the opportunity to join them. Had a wonderful time. It was something I needed to do for myself. I allow self doubt to leave, and from there, everything was beautiful. When you’re in search of something for yourself, many times it will present itself. The question for self. Will you accept or decline? That moment, met me half way, a fair exchange. If nothing else, spend sometime loving what inspires you!💕Charitable moments😉

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When you discover someone special did you blossom in those special moments?

Special to be able to share and spread “Good News” through writing, being visual, a smile, laughter, an act of kindness, and so much more.

Special when you can extend a helping hand to someone that’s less fortunate. It’s like a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It’s priceless. It comes without a thought.

Special times when you have those silly moments alone, and a burst of laughter of an embarrassing moment (All Eyes On Me).

Special, when you made a dish for the fist time and it came out perfect. Flip side, didn’t come out so great, but still enjoyed it “As much as you could”….Lol….shaking my head…Lol

Special time and spending time deeply into your thoughts until you fallen asleep.

How many special moments come to your mind?

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Contagious to….

Contagious to be happy

Contagious to free

Contagious to not to pretend

Contagious to care for others

Contagious to be true to yourself

Contagious to feel the vibrations

Contagious to grow

Contagious to accept oneness

Contagious to love