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“B who U R”


First to admit that changes are needed somewhere in my daily life. We as a whole need positive support in the growth and development with one exception don’t stop Being who You are , but to continue to “B who U R”. Being difficult is not a bad thing. Self care is taking care of YOU! And if that means hurting feelings, it’s not intentional, it’s just the way it has to be. You have a voice. You have the final choice through your voice. Be firm and love that you love yourself that much.

My favorite phrase when people feel that I’m difficult “Yes, I’m difficult, so now you know I’m not easy”! Love and keep loving who you are and continue to heal through challenges. Have no regrets😉

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A little of my journey

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New Beginings

Tell the story. You are apart of her(story)& his(story). Every step you take moving, it’s a new beginning. What does that mean? It has no meaning when you just be, and just do it.

Having a rough time right now? I have them often, however, I decide to change that uneasiness and ease, smile, and reflect that moment to a new beginning. In each moment it has meaning some place in your space. Digress? Yes I’m order to progress. Each meaning in your life means something greater for you. Trust the process. New beginnings are always happening. Can’t capture them all, more-so, the ones you can… grab them. Take a moment. Inhale and exhale… release. Another beginning awaits you.