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A little of my journey

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Life Coach

Life Coach began with coaching myself. Reading, writing, meditation, gardening, listening through my heart, mind, voice, action and continued work became many support pillows around me. The fall of something shifting became lighter in my discomfort of something. I learned that darkness wasn’t bad, yet good. Through my own dark days, I began to heal. See many areas of needed work. I was so use to going outward instead of inward. I use to feel sad and a shame of myself. Through those dark days, a spark of light would appear. The message was clear and understanding. Thoughts of helping others would not be taking away because I had a normal life just like them. Hiccups come, and the go. Having my own challenges to deal with wasn’t a bad thing. It’s was ok to not have an answer for everything. I felt supported for me and being with me.

Shifting and changing my way of thinking became clear. Learning to enter inwardly, first was important. Checking in with self, expressed how much I care and adore myself. To care for others continues. My lesson was pretty simple. Inward and outward. Today, that sticks with me. It made so much sense. Just that small adjustment made all the difference. Darkness became my light through life. It became a healing mechanism not only for me but for others in a much healthier way. Life Coach is one of many passion and purpose of mines. itโ€™ s away of living, giving back and receiving the fulfilment of making and doing a difference.

Life Coaching is something that can’t be rushed. It takes time. You have high levels of happiness and joy, and low levels of sadness and discouragement. Learning and growing at the same time is never wasted time even when you can’t see it or feel it. Know it’s there working in your favor. Like riding a wave on a high, and on a low.

Walk into your love first. Once you create time for you, everything else will follow smoothly. I had to learn that, so now, I continue to work towards that with great pleasure.

Disclaimer: When youโ€™re writing, not always, your writing have to be perfect and structured. Just be yourself sometimes, and enjoy what you do without reading, changing something because it doesn’t flow. Regardless, those that like you will continue to like you. ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿฆพ๐Ÿ’ซ๐Ÿฆ‹๐Ÿ˜‰

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From “Tha” Top

The blame game never cease. When you take a moment to really eval and re-eval yourself, theirs so much to learn from. Everything from you is the continuation mark, not the beginning mark. I hear so often, you dislike who you with, however, is it really that person or is it really you that you don’t like? All you have and all that you need is within you. How can you expect for someone to get to know you, love you or connect with you when you haven’t done the work for on yourself and be welcoming. It’s not anyone responsibility to heal your wounds, when you haven’t done the work for YOU. What is wrong with being alone for a while? When you can’t stand to be in the company of yourself, why prey your misery upon anyone else? Own your pain, because it’s apart of you forever. Embrace your low moments and high moments. Remove the chip off your shoulder and pick yourself up and INTUNE with yourself. When everything falls, self still hold it down. So why not love everything about you. Challenge yourself. Talk to you. cry with you. share a movie with you. journal your journey with you, and so much more with you. Heal your scars from your mental. Rest your heart from troubles, and plant your love in places you admire. You are the building of your life and the destroyer of your life. People only mimic what you do to yourself, so why are you mad? Why are you so angry? Why are you blaming and not gaining? You eat healthy, but your attitude stinks. You have a degree, so what? what are you doing to give back to your community? You have richness, and you still ain’t happy. What’s your problem? The blame game never cease, from “tha” Top“.